Vlog Day- Rehearsal For Music Video With Khuslen

It was the best to be outdoors and rehearse the first time with Khuslen. We got to understand our energy and it flowed pretty quickly. My favorite part was being picked up as I am pretty tiny so I can fly lol. He is a very kind soul and has passion for health and wellness. He was top in his wrestling team when he went to high school and is pursuing a career as a police officer so congratulations to you and best in your journey. I can’t wait for us to shoot the video. For more on Khuslen follow him on instagram: @khuslen_khan

Vlog Day-First Meeting With Khuslen

Working on a music video. Lots happening. Wanted to always share with my beautiful souls.

Meet my love interest for the video: Khulsen Khan

Ashley Nicole shall be directing it but I can’t get her link on instagram so please look her up on my feed when I tagged her.