Music by Carmen Amara

Junto a Ti- Next to You

Along the way, Carmen encountered a wolf that swept her off her feet into a deep forest. Here she creates music and more of her art. This song shows elements of flying over the woods and a new awakening for her.

Her present musical efforts a CD entitled “Eternally/Eternamente” is best described as a Latin flavored-Neo-Soul/ R& B style. Her singular sound and range catches everyone’s attention when she takes center stage. This multicultural richness is refreshing and her caressing sound undoubtedly will have a very broad eager audience.

Carmen has been careful to establish musical relationships that are conducive to her artistic development and has worked with producers like: Carlos Paez, Comedian/songwriter AJ Alexander (who has worked with Usher) , Daniel Betancourt (music writer for such Latin artists as Cristian Castro, through Kike Santander Productions), Tony Mardini (Crescent Moon Studios) and Oscar Llord.

In a word…. She is the total package! We are confident that this latest effort with Armaan Music producers: David Armaan and Alex Ledvin constitutes a bold step in her career.