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WELCOME!  Carmen is happy to have you as a fan!  If you are interested in purchasing a FanMembership so that you can benefit from her health, movement, sensual and spiritual awareness performances, here is how becoming a FanMember works:

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Carmen Live!

Each FanMember subscribing to Carmen Live! will be enlightened by a totally individualized and mutually-agreed upon livestream experience. Once the package (see below for pricing/livestream length of time) is purchased, Carmen will contact FanMember to discuss the details about the package (for example, what type of artistic or sensual performance the FanMember would like to see). PLEASE NOTE: Carmen does not perform nude. She may sometimes use artistic impressions that simulate nudity, but she does not reveal any private parts of her body).

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Who is
Carmen Amara?

Carmen Amara’s fans recognize her as a professional artist, health and fitness model, dancer, singer, and advocate for planet preservation; but where did it all begin?

"Your artistic expression transcends spiritual boarders and limitations." ~Al B Sure