Frequently Asked Questions

When did you begin your fitness journey?

I began dance at the age of 2 and then it just started to mold me into what I am today.


What lead you to using contortionist methods?

An amazing and talented contortion coach, Emil Valentino, was watching me stretch on Facebook and he saw my talents and passion to learn and he took me under his wings to learn the art.


How has your fitness regime helped your overall health/mentality?

I don’t really see it solely as fitness.  It is more inner work for me.  I see that we must nourish our spirit well and love ourselves unconditionally for everything else to fall into place.


Who are people who inspire you to achieve excellence in your unique craft?

Emil Valentino, Zlata, Ernesto Sarabia, Soulmotion.  My Wolf and my girls are also a great source of inspiration for me.


  1. Did you/do you utilize any other forms of exercise (i.e. yoga, spinning, jogging, swimming, weightlifting) to stay in shape?

Like I mentioned initially I have been fortunate to learn many modalities and create my own Art.  So I have adopted: Dance, Cheerleading, gymnastics conditioning, capoeira, break dancing, rhythmic gymnastics and I continue to evolve as I see it.


  1. Have you ever done ACRO? If so, where?

I have performed for different venues and I am also a vocalist as well.  I’ve been on national television shows for Univision singing.  My art flow has been presented at Art Undressed for these past two years and I perform mainly from home.


  1. How many minutes/hours/days per week do you exercise?

My art flow starts from the moment I awaken and continues as I sleep.  It is deeper than exercise.  It is a constant meditative state.  When I physically get into the art flow it may take 6 hours because I also do my sensual art performances which incorporate a bit of the art flow and meditation.


  1. What type of dance did you do and for how long?

I took ballet, tap and jazz for 8 years and my father passed away so I was granted a scholarship for ballet but decided to change my fate by entering into cheerleading.


  1. How do you maintain your flexibility; what types of stretching exercises do you recommend?

It’s an everyday regimen that must be taken just like any other discipline.  I work intuitively so I recommend that you get to understand your body and movement patterns.  From the way you breathe to how the surface you work on feels.  It is staying present at all levels.


  1. Did you go to school or train someplace to perfect your unique gifts?

I have had many wonderful gurus.  But ultimately I have used all my hardships in life to rise like a Phoenix.