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Giving an update: just getting to the point that I, at least, feel comfortable with the stretching.  I trust my body that it won’t kill me (lol); it’s amazing how tight I am!  I’m feeling somewhat better than before I started.  Hopefully slowly, but surely, I will start to loosen up more and more.  Thanks again Carmen!

You don’t know how much you mean to me for your help on fitness and a healthy lifestyle. I have Type 2 Diabetes; four of my relatives have died from this disease and I don’t want to be next. With your help, I’m doing my best to get fit and in good shape, and to stay ahead of my problems. Sincerely your friend, -Reynaldo

Carmen, my girlfriend loves your voice and your work. Thank you for being you. I told you this before – you motivated my girlfriend to get back into dancing and now she’s working to be like you. It’s been very beneficial for our relationship. Thanks. -myth_muzik

I just love this woman! She’s always so awe-inspiring and knows exactly what to say. She gives the best advice and, even better, she practices what she preaches and it shows! Carmen, you’re imperfectly perfect!!! Everyone should follow her. -idle_Bleh

The breathtaking, jaw dropping, amazing, beautiful and inspiring Carmen Amara. #flexibility #split #parkour #shesgotlegs #fitness #oversplit #gymnastics #yoga #strength #stronglegs #rippedcalves #wonderwoman -sifuleejunfan

Whenever I see your posts, I see a wonderful woman who is in love with herself. It’s truly rare you know. Even though I do not know you, I admire you because I see a person who is dedicated to what she likes and loves; it’s inspiring to see people like you! You motivate me to try and do my best for whatever I want to do in my life! Thank you.

Hi, I started yoga today at my local gym, thanks to you. -dinaz25

So beautiful … your passion and devotion is not of this universe. Namaste -cupcake

It’s all your fault … and thank you so much (lol) Now, I’m working out because of you. -pabon_richard

I’m sure you get messages all the time, and that’s perfectly understandable. Perhaps this message won’t count for anything new, but I’m moved to let you know that you and your talent is extremely beautiful and breathtaking; I have nothing but the utmost respect for you and your work. Keep making it and doing what you do best. -jgrant81

Hello Carmen, THANK YOU for making videos and such for your clients! I truly appreciate you taking the time and effort. I must say I am VERY impressed with your physical abilities (besides natural beauty) and all that flexibility training really shows off. I am looking forward to seeing the results of the strength training after I order the next video. Yes, I am so impressed I am placing an order for more! Thank you again. -Tom