About Carmen Amara

About Carmen Amara

Carmen Amara’s fans recognized her as a professional artist, health and fitness model, dancer, singer, and advocate for planet preservation; but where did it all begin?

At just two years of age, Carmen started to dance.  She already exhibited traits unique for a child so young.  She had extremely advanced body awareness and a great appreciation for fluidity and movement.  As she grew and matured, so did her senses, spirituality, and ability to manipulate her body; Carmen had exceptional flexibility.

Throughout her young adulthood, Carmen experienced many things that assisted her learning how to be in a sound state of enlightenment – mind, body and spirit.  She indulged in a variety of mentally and physically-challenging social activities, including: cheerleading, dance (ballet, tap and jazz), gymnastics, capoeira, break dancing, rhythmic gymnastics, and singing.  Conditioning of the mind and body was always at the forefront of whatever she did and, as she continues to experience life, she continues to evolve.

For Carmen, practicing “Art Flow,” which incorporates many facets of fitness, dance, flexibility and spirituality – activities constantly present in her life – is an everyday regime that must be followed just like any other disciplined activity.  She works intuitively to have the best understanding of her body and movement patterns – from the way she breathes to acclimating to various surfaces on which she exercises or performs.  To many without understanding, it may sound primal; however, it is imperative to stay present and aware of everything … all the time.  Even while asleep, Carmen maintains a constant meditative state that is much deeper than when she is awake.

Carmen is also a Reiki Master by Santiago Dobles and Jed Shlackman.  Her art heals by relaxing the mind putting her fans into a trance state, which is how she applies her energy.

Many people greatly appreciate Carmen’s fitness regime, and she is highly sought-after for instruction.  She doesn’t see herself as some type of “fitness guru” because – for her – it’s not only about the physical.  Carmen is a firm believer that one’s spirit must be kept nourished daily so that our bodies will be well.

Carmen is Nationally-recognized as a leader in the health and fitness industry for her ability to inspire people by teaching strength through art.

Carmen is one of the foremost sensual contortionists.  The moment she awakens, she begins to prepare (sometimes taking up to six hours) physically for her sensual art performances, which incorporate both Art Flow and meditation.

Carmen attributes her growth as a contortionist to Emil Valentino – an amazing and talented contortion coach.  Emil saw Carmen’s stretching video on Facebook and immediately recognized her special talents and passion to learn, so he took her under his wings to learn more about this very fascinating form of art.  Other inspirations include Zlata, Ernesto Sarabia and Soul Motion.

Carmen is a genuine person who has been faced with – and overcome – obstacles and adversities.  She is a very selfless and kind individual who thrives on helping and enlightening others on how to achieve their greatest potential in a positive and healthy manner.

When asked how she would describe her accomplishments so far in life, Carmen replied “Unconditional love of one’s self must exist for everything else to fall into place.  Ultimately, I have used all my hardships in life to rise like a Phoenix.”


Carmen is a very talented artist who has performed at a variety of venues.  In addition to being an aficionado in the health and fitness realm, she is also a vocalist.  She has been on national television where she sang for Univision.

(2015, December 21). “Teaching Strength Through Art.” USAToday.com.  Winner – photo essay.  Professional artist, Carmen Amara of Amara360 in Miami, FL was selected out of thousands of artists and performers to appear in a national photo essay in USA Today on Teaching Strength Through Art.

Additionally, her Art Flow has been presented at Art Undressed for the past two years.

While no stranger to national stages and exposure, Carmen prefers to do her performances in her own home.