The Deep Forest is where I can get into a creative fantasy world and allow my beautiful souls to engage in what I bring to life.


Come take a look beyond the cast iron gates surrounded with bright red roses and discover Carmen’s secret garden where there is romance in the air.

For Your Eyes Only


A personalized experience where you are granted creative input into a customized SensualArt or Umapaadau video meant For Your Eyes Only.



Umapaadau, which means Foot Goddess in Sanskrit, is simply art made with the feet and legs.  Experience the artistic and sensual side of Carmen’s feet – beautiful with deep arches, together with the aesthetic movements of her feet and legs.

Smooth Velvet


In times when erotic movement transforms sensualart into a soft, layered, and plush experience, indulgance in contortion culminates in an encounter best described as Smooth Velvet.