For Your Eyes Only
This is a special package for FanMembers who would like to request specific aspects of Amara360artflow, Amara Sensual Art or Umapaadu (i.e. a specialized foot, leg, contortion or fitness-related video). FanMembers will have input on the details Carmen’s wardrobe, makeup and hairstyle for a video or photo set. This is a very personalized and special experience. (PLEASE NOTE: Final consent given by Carmen; NO NUDITY.) FanMember requests for specific attire that must be purchased by Carmen will result in an added fee to this package based on cost of added item(s) requested by FanMember.
Average video length is five minutes or 15 photos in a photoset. Please allow up to 72 hours for delivery and specify video or photos.

What is offered in this package

Custom Videos

Sensorial Art
With her healing/ sensual energy she will use the senses of taste, touch and sound perception for her videos and imagery. This shall be pre-made tasteful visual art.

What is offered in this package
Sensual work with the tastes- See, touch, hear, taste
Fruit, oral art
Vintage content ( content that is already out and to be reposted)

meaning, foot goddess in Sanskrit. It is the artistic and sensual side of Carmen’s feet. From a background in dance, she shows her beautiful arches with her aesthetic movements.

What is offered in this package (Umapaadau-Only Fans)

Sensual Contortion
Feet Art
Leg art
Body movements

Carmen offers an array of art that is dedicated to energy work. It entails tiers that have more content available for you the higher you pledge. There is always something unique from what she works on and makes sure to keep you wanting to see more.

What is offered in this package

Sensual Escapades- outings with stretches, Yoni Weightlifting, Implied Nudes, Contortion, Feet Art,
Sensual Movements (Dance) Artflow from Youtube,  Singing, Burlesque, Legs