What is Umapaadau?

Umapaadau, which means Foot Goddess in Sanskrit, is simply art made with the feet and legs.

This page is dedicated to the artistic and sensual side of Carmen’s feet – beautiful with deep arches, together with the aesthetic movements of her feet and legs.

Photo sets – $35 – $50(depending on image type and number of pics)
Videos – $40 – $60 (depending on length)
Custom photo sets and videos – starting from $50
Livestream foot modeling performances – $50 for 10 mins, $80 for 20 mins

Email umapaadau360@gmail.com for more information.

Increase Your Uma Access

Personalize your Umapaadau experience by joining Carmen’s Uma Portal. Members enjoy VIP access to stunning photosets and videos that are regularly renewed. The Uma Portal is an essential for true Umapaadau aficionados.