Welcome to Carmen Amara.

ArtFlow360 Performances

From the moment she awakens, Carmen begins to prepare (sometimes taking up to six hours) physically for her sensual art performances, which incorporate both Art Flow and meditation.

New Series- Smooth Velvet!

In times when erotic movement transforms sensualart into a soft, layered, and plush experience, indulgance in contortion culminates in an encounter best described as smooth velvet.

SensualArt Performances

Carmen Amara is a professional model, contortionist, and dancer, specializing in sensual ArtFlow performances.

SensualArt Photosets

Enjoy these photosets from Carmen Amara’s SensualArt Collection.  Each set includes beautiful, full-color photos.  The digital download link will be in your receipt upon checkout and in your confirmation email, which you will receive within minutes after purchase.


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For Your Eyes Only

Tailor a SensualArt performance to your specifications with a custom video, made for your eyes only and delivered to your inbox directly.

Who is Carmen Amara?

Carmen Amara’s fans recognize her as a professional artist, health and fitness model, dancer, singer, and advocate for planet preservation; but where did it all begin?